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Internet Banking

Can I allow other people to access my accounts using Rabobank Internet Banking?


Subject to agreement by all account owners you can permit others to access, view or transact on your account. For more information on how to register a Delegated User please call our Client Services Unit on 0800 500 933 or +64 4 819 2783 if calling from outside NZ.

Can I cancel a transaction that I have requested using Rabobank Internet Banking?

Future-dated transactions that display in the (Payments pending authorisation table on the Payments main screen) and have an appropriate action along side them can be cancelled via the internet prior to the date they take effect. For transactions dated today, once the transaction has been confirmed it cannot be cancelled via the internet. 

Can I change my details via Rabobank Internet Banking? How?


Details such as, email address, contact phone numbers, residential and postal address can be amended by sending a secure message via Rabobank Internet Banking. This is done while logged into Rabobank Internet Banking, select the Mail tab and then click on Create New Mail.

How do I download my statements online?

Just Log on to your Internet Banking and select the E-statement tab to view up to 7 years of statements online.

How do I log into my internet banking?


Access to Rabobank Internet Banking is through and select the Sign In option. If you have any questions, please call 0800 500 933.

How do I make transfers to my other Rabobank accounts?

A transfer is the movement of available funds between your internet-accessible accounts. Provided you have access to the accounts you are transferring from and to, it is a simple process and allows you to transfer funds in real time (subject to cut-off times).

How do I register for Rabobank Internet Banking?


To be eligible for our Rabobank Internet Banking you will need to have an All In One account.

To arrange access to Rabobank Internet Banking you will need to contact your Rural Manager or contact the Client Services Unit on 0800 500 933 between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday or +64 4 819 2783 if calling from outside NZ.

How much does it cost to use Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is free for business accounts.
There is no charge to register and currently there are no bank transaction fees or bank fees for using the service, for business accounts.
The costs of your internet access (via your Internet Service Provider) are your responsibility.

How will I know when I'm registered and able to access Rabobank Internet Banking?

Your Rabobank Internet Banking registration kit includes an explanation of the registration process.

You will be asked to call us on a special phone number to confirm receipt of your kit before your login is activated.

I am unable to login

Ensure that you are entering the correct Username and Passcode [PIN + token ID], remembering that the token ID is different each time you log in.

The first time you log in to Rabobank Internet Banking you are required to change your PIN. Ensure that you are using the correct PIN.

I have forgotten my Username or PIN


If you have forgotten your Username or PIN, or wish to change your PIN at any time, please call our Client Services Unit on 0800 500 933 or +64 4 819 2783 if calling from outside New Zealand. 

What can I use Rabobank Internet Banking for?


Our Rabobank Internet Banking provides secure access to your accounts online.

You can:
  • View up-to-date details of your accounts including account summary, transaction history (for up to 3 months on some accounts), current interest options and electronic copies of your statements.
  • Request transactions (subject to cut-off times) and make enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Make payments from your accounts to nominated or third party accounts.
  • Set up your own payee lists for use across all accounts to which you are linked.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts (subject to cut-off times).
  • Book fixed interest rates up to 10 business days in advance on some loans.
  • Import and export payment files from your financial management software.
  • Make temporary principal reductions on some loan accounts.
  • Enquire about your accounts via our secure Mail service.
  • Manage your own Delegated users including "two-to-sign" transaction functionality.
  • Impose restrictions on your own Delegated users.
It's simply another way to do your banking with us - at your convenience.

What details do I need to make a payment to another financial institution's account?

To make payments to another financial institution's account using Internet Banking you will need to provide the following payee information:

• Bank and branch number
• Account number
• Particulars Code and Payee reference information
• Amount

What do I do if I forget my username or PIN or want to change my PIN?


If you have forgotten your Username or PIN or wish to change it at any time please call our Client Services on 0800 500 933 between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday (or +64 4 819 2783 if calling from outside NZ)

What do I do if I lose or damage my token or if it has been stolen?


Please call our Client Services Team on 0800 500 933 (or +64 4 819 2783 if calling from outside NZ)

What hours is Rabobank Internet Banking available?


Our Rabobank Internet Banking can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week subject to availability of the system (eg. Internet outage, maintenance outage etc) and availability of your ISP connection.

What is the Rabobank Swift code?



What software packages can I export to, or import from, using Internet Banking?

Using our Internet Banking you can export a transaction list from your computer to financial management software.
You can also import payments and batch templates from financial packages as above to your computer.
Export files produced are in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) or QIF format.
Batch payment or import files must be in an ABA format.
Please contact your software supplier to check if your financial management software is compatible.

When will my transaction be processed and are there cut-off times for processing requests?


You may request a transaction at any time but the applicable cut-off time will affect the date on which the transaction is processed. Current cut-off times from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, are:

Interest Rate Bookings, Payments, Transfers, Direct Debits, Batch Payments: 6:00pm, however transfers between your Rabobank accounts may be processed the same day.

Who do I call if I experience technical problems?


If you have a problem accessing the Internet, you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or software manufacturer. If you can access other internet sites but are having problems with Rabobank Internet Banking, please call our Client Services Team on 0800 110 105 (or +64 4 819 2783 if calling from outside NZ).

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