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100% focused on our farming future

Sustainable Farming

We're committed to helping our clients develop and implement sustainability solutions that best meets their unique needs.

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Sustainability Report 2023

The cooperative ethos, where everyone benefits by working together, is ingrained in Rabobank’s DNA and is reflected in the approach we take to sustainability in New Zealand. We believe that by collaborating closely with our clients, we can help align commercial objectives with environmental practices, and support our clients to shift towards more sustainable and economically feasible production systems.

This report showcases Rabobank's sustainability objectives and achievements in 2023. It underscores our aim to align our activities with the social, economic, and environmental challenges while meeting the expectations of our clients, local communities, and our team. 

We are helping to  "Grow a Better New Zealand Together" by being 100% focused on our agricultural future.

Farm planning workshops

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Farm Planning Workshops

Growing our future podcast

Listen to Blake Holgate and the team as they cover off pressing sustainability topics and everything in between!

The great NZ balancing act

Delivering sustainable emissions reductions, food security and economic prosperity.

Farm Planning Workshops

Our commitment and what it means to Rabobank

What is 100%? It is being 100% focused on our farming future.
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Let's reach your sustainability goals together

We’re supporting a transition to a resilient future by working alongside our clients to profitably transition to lower-carbon and more sustainable production systems.

We stand side by side with farmers and growers to manage increasing environmental, societal and market risk, and at the same time seizing opportunities to create inter-generational, resilient farming businesses.

As part of our focus on sustainability, we’ve developed a new approach to help farmers and growers build a detailed snapshot of the non-financial performance of their businesses – where they’re doing well and where there’s room to improve. This includes how our rural clients are faring with their agronomic, environmental, social and workplace performance.

We're also upskilling our staff to ensure meaningful discussions are had on-farm to  support our clients with the sustainability aspects of their businesses

Meet our sustainability team

Blake Holgate

Acting Chief Sustainability Officer

Before stepping into the Acting CSO role in April 2024, Blake was Head of Sustainable Business Development for Rabobank New Zealand. In that role, Blake contributed towards Rabobank policy submissions to Government on regulations affecting the sector, produced reports and podcasts for Rabobank clients that examined issues linked to sustainable farming, and developed new products and services aimed at supporting clients’ businesses to be more commercially and environmentally sustainable.

Blake’s contributions have provided clients with tools to help them understand and manage increasing environmental, societal and market risk, and to identify opportunities within their own businesses, created by a scarcity of resources and a growing global population.

Katie Rodwell

Sustainability Manager

Katie joined Rabobank in June 2022 following eight years with Farmlands Co-operative Society, most recently as the Head of Sustainability and Land Use. In 2020 she was awarded the NZ Co- operative Emerging Leader of the Year award, and she was also a finalist for the 2022 Zanda McDonald Award.

In her role with Rabobank, Katie is responsible for providing our staff with the learning and development required to enable them to have meaningful sustainability discussions with clients, as well as the development and delivery of our client knowledge programmes.

Gavin Marshall

Sustainability Manager

Gavin joined Rabobank in August 2022 and brings 15 years’ experience in the agriculture sector, with the last six years spent as an Environmental Programme Lead at Fonterra. In that role, Gavin designed, developed and managed the implementation of programmes focused on supporting farmers to reduce their environmental footprint (primarily around freshwater and climate).

In his role with Rabobank, Gavin is responsible for further developing an online tool that builds a picture of the non-financial aspects of client operations, with the aim of advancing the insights this tool provides for our clients.

Working to reduce our carbon footprint

Last year, we became accredited with environmental and economic sustainability organisation Toitū, by participating in their CarbonReduce programme, which requires us to set SBTI aligned emission reduction targets.

A better carbon footprint is good for our team and our clients. We’re investigating many initiatives that will help us reach our goals. Some of our highlights so far:

  • Introducing hybrid vehicles into our Vehicle Fleet
  • Rolling out Meridian’s 100% Certified Renewable Energy program
  • Reducing air travel emissions by 30% from 2019 to 2022

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