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Helping our communities thrive

Rabo Community Fund

Thanks to our co-operative origins, Rabobank has a rich history of community engagement and now, thanks to the Rabo Community Fund, we can make an even bigger impact in the communities where our clients live.

Resourced with a dedicated pool of funding specifically for community-led initiatives, the Rabo Community Fund aims to further contribute to the vibrancy and resilience of rural New Zealand through tangible, meaningful programmes.

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Client-led solutions to address industry challenges

Community spirit thrives across our rural and regional townships, often driven by selfless volunteers and a 'can do' attitude. At Rabobank, we’re able to tap directly into this culture thanks to our RaboClientCouncil network – groups of innovative, forward-thinking clients who are our eyes and ears, helping us direct our funding to the local and industry issues where it is most needed.

Our RaboClientCouncils will play a leading role helping distribute our Rabo Community Fund resources directly into the community.

Do you have a good idea for our rural communities or the Agri industry?