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Backing farmers since 1898

Our Story

The seeds of Rabobank were sown by farmers in the Netherlands in 1898. They set up a banking cooperative, to help farmers support each other in business and make sure that rural communities were treated fairly when it came to getting the finances they needed. Growing and strengthening communities is at the heart of Rabobank. That’s why we say ‘Growing a better New Zealand together.’

Working for you.

Thanks to our cooperative origins, our focus is you and the long-term success of your business. 100% of your deposits fund and support New Zealand Agribusiness where they do the most good, growing agribusinesses and supporting rural communities.

"Working for Rabobank is enjoyable and rewarding. Our customers are great advocates because our people enjoy building lasting relationships - they respect the experience of our teams, and the fact we only do rural lending proves to them we're here for the long-haul."

Ryan Frew
Major Agribusiness Manager, Otago

Farmers working for farmers

Our business focus is on food and agribusiness. It’s no coincidence that so many Rabobank rural managers are country people. Coming from the land, they don’t just understand farming, they were born to it, and they live and breathe it.

Our rural managers have an in-depth knowledge of agribusiness, and working closely with you gives you a definite competitive advantage.

We also believe in putting the customer first with excellent old-fashioned personal service. And that won’t go out of fashion.

Connecting people, sharing knowledge

Rabobank is on the ground with our agribusiness clients. Across New Zealand, our network of 220 rural specialists has built up a bank of local, on-farm and financial knowledge.

They’re backed up by experts in sustainable farm systems, commodity prices, foreign exchange risk management and more. Add to that more than 80 international food and agribusiness analysts and a global network of literally millions of farmers across 40 countries.

As a Rabobank client, you can tap into knowledge that can help you make even smarter business decisions, and create and develop business opportunities overseas and along the supply chain.

The future of farming

Rabobank looks ahead to the future of farming. To do that, we work closely with our agribusiness clients. We’ve set up various Client Councils across New Zealand to understand the significant issues that will affect the industry and rural communities. These issues include rural health, agricultural education and environmental sustainability.

In New Zealand, Rabobank sponsors over 200 farming events and dedicated groups. We run programs to create the next generation of leaders like the Rabobank Leadership Awards and Global Farmers and Ag Pathways.

And to drive future prosperity, we take on an advocacy role through ground-breaking initiatives like the F20 (Food 20) Summit, which promotes food security for the world.

About Rabobank Online Savings

If you’re saving with Rabobank Online Savings you’re growing your money, and more. Every single dollar that you, and all our savers, deposit helps us fund New Zealand’s agribusiness sector.

You’re helping our farmers, growers, producers and our economy. Your savings are working for you, and New Zealand.

Saving and investing with us

As the name suggests, Rabobank Online Savings specialises in savings. You can do everything online, including opening an account, supported by our Wellington based customer service team.

You can get the best of both banking worlds: be a Rabobank Online Savings customer while using your current bank for those usual banking products like EFTPOS, cheques, credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Banking for food

Here’s some food for thought. Banking for Food is Rabobank’s vision on Global Food Security. It all began when we asked ourselves what we could do, here in New Zealand and around the world, to help make sure that there will be food for all, now and in the future.

With Banking for Food, we’re concentrating on four important areas:

  • Earth: Restoring the soil quality of the current arable land around the world as a prerequisite to produce more food with less impact on the environment
  • Waste: Reduce food waste throughout the entire food value chain
  • Stability: Promote and stimulate a more stable and resilient food and agricultural sector
  • Nutrition: Balance the nutritional value of our diets.