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Rabobank Online Savings account

Find out how Rabobank Online Savings works and how you can manage your account online or through the mobile app


Rabobank Online Savings

With a Rabobank Online Savings account, you can manage all your savings accounts securely online whether it be using your Digipass on your device or by downloading and using our Mobile App for on the go.

As your specialist savings bank, you don't have to change your current bank. You can continue to use your main bank for your everyday banking needs, while depositing into a Rabobank Online Savings account when you like. If you need any help, reach out to our friendly New Zealand based call centre.

Nominated Account

A nominated account is a bank account held with another New Zealand bank and in the same name as your Rabobank Online Savings account. You need to provide details of your nominated account on your application form. It is used for transferring money to and from your Rabobank Online Savings account.

You can only have one nominated account but this can be changed
online at any time.

  1. Log into Rabobank Online Savings
  2. Select ‘Services and Settings’ then 'Nominated Linked Account'
  3. Click on ‘Edit’ to change the Nominated Account'
  4. Enter your new nominated account details
  5. Authorise the change using your Digipass
  6. Make a deposit from your new nominated account with the reference 'verify'

Note: Any existing regular or pending transfers will be cancelled. It can take up to three business days for the new nominated account to become active.

Here's how it works

When you open a Rabobank Online Savings account, you will receive a Digipass to manage your account securely online. The Digipass is a small hand-held device that randomly generates an access code, which is used to log in to a Rabobank Online Savings account and validate transactions. This provides one of the safest methods of online banking available today.

By using the Digipass, access to your account is protected by two-factor authentication.

The two elements are:

  • something you know: your customer number and PIN code, and
  • something you have: your Digipass.

This is safer than a standard user name and/or password, where anyone who obtained this information could easily access your account.

Find out more about the Digipass

Online Savings Mobile Banking App

Managing savings on the go

With a built-in Digipass, the new Online Savings Mobile Banking App gives you secure access to your account, without needing to carry your Digipass

  • Fast access to Mobile Banking with a 5 digit passcode
  • Transfer money in, out and between your accounts
  • Effortlessly view pending and historical transfers
Download the Rabobank Online Savings Mobile Banking App


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Not available on Windows Phone.

Frequently Asked Questions


To change your postal and residential address within New Zealand, along with your other contact details please log into Rabobank Online Savings and select ‘Services and Settings’ and then select ‘Contact details’ then click on ‘edit’ to change your address or contact details. Once you have entered your new contact details, please select ‘Continue’ and authorise using your Digipass.

To change your postal and residential address to an overseas address, please send a secure message. To do this, simply log into Rabobank Online Savings and click on the envelope icon next to the log out button, then ‘Create new message’. Within this message please advise if your tax status should be changed to that of a non-resident and your address in your new country of residence.

Contact details cannot be changed on the mobile app.

To update your IRD number and RWT rate, please send us a secure message.

  1. Log into Rabobank Online Savings
  2. 2. Go to the envelope icon, located top right next to the log out button
  3. Click on ‘New Message’
  4. Provide us with the IRD number and new tax rate and send

To make a withdrawal from NoticeSaver you will need to load a transfer request and wait the 60 day notice period before receiving your funds. For this reason, we suggest that you keep some funds in your RaboSaver account in case you need them in a hurry.

If you are suffering from financial hardship, you can apply for the early release of your funds by completing our Financial Hardship Declaration and providing evidence of the hardship. We will consider your application and advise you if it has been accepted.

See the Financial Hardship Declaration for examples of hardship and the type of evidence required.

Transferring funds in

When you open an account with us, you are asked to accept our online direct debit authority. This allows you to transfer funds into Rabobank from your nominated bank account, all within our online banking system.

You can of course make deposits from any other bank account you hold, or have other people/organisations deposit funds into your account. Just use the facilities of your other bank or provide your account number to the other party.

As an online bank, it is not possible to make cash deposits.

Transferring funds out

When you withdraw funds they must always go back to your Nominated Account.

To make a transfer in or out:

  1. Log into Rabobank Online Savings
  2. Click on 'Transfer money'
  3. Select the 'From' and 'To' accounts
  4. Enter the transfer details e.g. date and amount.
  5. Confirm the transfer with your Digipass.