Agribusiness in Schools

Rabobank is proud to support the delivery of an agribusiness programme into more than 90 secondary schools in NZ.

The programme exposes 16 to 18-year-old students to the wide range of skills required, and the opportunities available, in the primary sector beyond the farm gate.

Understanding the need to grow the workforce entering the primary industry, the programme was designed and developed by teachers at St Paul’s Collegiate School in Hamilton in conjunction with primary industry organisations, the Ministry of Education and NZQA.

Since the programme was launched in 2017, there are now more than 3000 secondary students studying agribusiness in 97 schools throughout the country, preparing the best and brightest for careers in the primary sector.

Partnering with the Agribusiness in Schools programme aligns with Rabobank’s mission statement of ‘Growing a better New Zealand together’ and, as part of the partnership, we sit on the programme's Agribusiness Programme Advisory Board.

This will allow Rabobank to play an active role in further development and delivery of the curriculum at a local level by providing industry knowledge and expertise.

The programme is broken into four strands:

  • Agri-science
  • Agri-marketing
  • Agri-management and finance
  • Agri-innovation

Through these strands, students learn about plant science, soil science, food science, microbiology, economics, digital technologies, primary production processes, future proofing, growing value and international trade.

The course has a major emphasis on experiential learning, gaining understanding and applying examples of industry ‘best practice’ to conceptual learning within the classroom.

It also includes a focus on careers and opportunities available in the wider primary sector - visits and work placements within the agricultural science and business sectors are an integral part of the programme.

Agribusiness Program

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