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Annual Withholding Tax Certificates for Rabobank Online Savings customers are now available.

Invoice scams are increasing. When receiving invoices, verify any new account numbers with the recipient over the phone using their publicly listed number, before making any payment. Please see our security page for more information.
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Help grow a better New Zealand together

Save with Rabobank Online Savings to enjoy a great return and 100% of your savings help fund New Zealand farmers and growers to produce food for us all.

*Interest rate applies to deposits between $1,000 and $5 million. Interest rates are subject to change. T&C's apply.

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Online Savings Rates


Noun Growth



^ A 60 day notice period applies prior to each withdrawal. Rate subject to change.

Term Deposits

Noun Calendar



*Interest paid at maturity, balances up to $5 million, early withdrawal fees may apply.

Noun Calendar



**Interest paid at maturity, balances up to $5 million, early withdrawal fees may apply.

Matt Bell Surfing in Raglan

Farmers Catch a Break in the Surf

Learn more about how Surfing for Farmers is improving the wellbeing of hundreds of farmers across the country.

2019 GFMC Participants

Rabobank NZ Global Farmers Master Class

28 farmers from 12 countries will spend 10 days in New Zealand taking part in the latest Rabobank Global Farmers Master Class.

Banking with us

Grow with a bank that uses 100% of deposits to help fund and support New Zealand Agribusiness,
whilst colaborating with local Client Councils to support our thriving rural communities.


Keeping you safe and secure when you bank online.

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