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Food Waste 2023 Banner

Together, Rabobank and KiwiHarvest are on a mission to reduce the impact of food waste


The estimated annual value of New Zealand's food waste is enough to feed approximately 688,000 Kiwis for an entire year.*

New Zealanders estimate 12.2% of their annual household food spend goes to waste.

New Zealand Food Waste Survey, 2023

Can kiwis do more to reduce food waste?

Highlights from the latest survey:

  • New Zealanders are wasting less of their food than a year ago with the estimated percentage of household food waste dropping to 12.2 per cent from 13.4 per cent in 2022.
  • However, growing household food spend and an increase in the number of households, mean the overall value of wasted food across New Zealand continues to rise and now totals $3.2 billion per annum (up from $3.1 billion in 2022).
  • New Zealanders remain the most concerned about ‘the wasted money’ resulting from food waste, with this cited as a key concern by 74 per cent of respondents.
  • Food going off 'before you can eat it’ (50 per cent) and “before use by and best before dates’ (32 per cent) are the reasons most frequently cited for food waste.
  • Kiwis’ understanding of food labelling has improved since the last survey, with close to two-thirds now correctly identifying the definition of a best-before label.
  • New Zealanders in Gen Z (aged 18-26) estimated they wasted significantly less than last year (19.2 per cent form 28.2 per cent), however they continue to be the most wasteful of all the age groups.

    *Based on national claimed average of annual food spend per household, national claimed average of annual food wasted per household, national average number of individuals per household, and the number of New Zealand Households.

Stay Season Savvy

Want to do your bit?

Weighing up what’s in the basket, eating well and reducing your environmental impact is a never-ending juggling act!

We’re here to help keep you in the loop with small, easy, everyday changes in the pantry - and the rubbish bin. It all adds up in the long run, for the pocket, our farmers & food producers and our beautiful Aotearoa!

This month try using carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and pumpkin before the season finishes up for the year! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on our Facebook.


Tips and tricks to minimise food waste

Keep your lettuce fresh


Increase your lettuce life-span

Keep your lettuce deliciously fresh and crisp for longer.


Stop onions potatoes sprouting


Stop your onions and spuds socialising

They sprout faster when they get together, so keep them apart.


Use your leftovers


The right way to use

Storing, labelling and using leftovers saves delicious food and money.