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The Good News The Not-So-Good News

Kantar New Zealand Food Waste Survey, May 2021

Are Kiwis becoming more waste conscious?

The new Rabobank-KiwiHarvest Food Waste Research highlights:

  • New Zealanders are now wasting less of their food than in 2019 with the estimated percentage of food waste falling to 8.6 per cent from 10.2 per cent previously.
  • But the estimated value of food waste across all New Zealand households has grown to $2.4 billion per year as a result of higher food prices, increased spend on household food and a greater number of households.
  • Fruit and vegetables are the most frequently-wasted food items, while ‘wasted money’ is New Zealanders’ most pressing food-waste concern.
  • The proportion of food wasted by Kiwis differs markedly across age groups, with younger New Zealanders wasting a significantly-higher proportion of their household food spend than older Kiwis.

Worldwide, around 40% of all food produced doesn’t make it to people’s plates. Food waste also contributes to green-house gas emissions, and it squanders the water, land and energy used to grow it.

Rabobank is on a mission to do something about food waste. Naturally, we have a deep interest in knowing the food produced by the New Zealand businesses we work with goes where it really belongs, on people‘s plates.

We’re getting involved in projects and initiatives to make a positive difference. We know our Rabobank Online Savers care about this issue, so we’ll keep you updated with news and ideas. Together we will tackle the problem of food waste.

What a waste - digesting the facts

Foodwaste Ugly Fruit Rabobank

Every year in New Zealand over 100,000 tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted.

Some doesn’t even make it to market, sometimes just because it looks ugly. That’s crazy, because it still tastes really good.

And a lot of food that does make it to market, gets wasted because of use-by-dates, mislabelling, damaged packaging, cancelled orders, you name it.

Foodwaste Landfill Rabobank

About 60% of food dumped at New Zealand landfills is perfectly edible.

40% of the world’s food production doesn’t even make it to the plate.

At the same time one in five New Zealand children live in households with severe to moderate food insecurity.

Together we can reduce food waste

New Zealand’s farmers, producers and growers work hard, so that we can have food on our tables to enjoy and sustain us. They grow, raise, gather and harvest, and in New Zealand and across the world people can eat good, healthy, nutritious food.

Our farmers and producers are proud of their wonderful food. And, the last thing any of us want to see is any of it being wasted. But, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Some of the produce that gets to market is wasted because of use-by dates, mislabelling, damaged packaging, cancelled orders and other issues. Some doesn’t even get that far, like fruit and vegetables that are sometimes wasted because they have a few blemishes or look ugly (even though they still taste really good)

Rabobank works closely with our farmers, lending to them and offering essential financial services. As a Rabobank Online Savings customer, you’re part of it too, because 100% of your savings are used help grow New Zealand’s important agribusinesses.

Tips and tricks to minimise food waste

Keep your lettuce fresh

Increase your lettuce life-span

Keep your lettuce deliciously fresh and crisp for longer.


Stop onions potatoes sprouting

Stop your onions and spuds socialising

They sprout faster when they get together, so keep them apart.


Use your leftovers

The right way to use

Storing, labelling and using leftovers saves delicious food and money.


Rabobank Online Savings


Rabobank Online Savings

100% of your deposits help fund Kiwi farmers and food producers.


Children help rescue food at KiwiHarvest


KiwiHarvest & Rabobank Partnership

We've teamed up with KiwiHarvest to help on their mission to reduce the amount of good food that is wasted in New Zealand.


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