Leftovers, the right way

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Treat your left overs right

Saving food left over from large meals is second-nature to many of us. But, sometimes leftovers get put in the fridge, forgotten about and binned. Here’s a few handy tricks to keep leftovers top of mind.

  • Store leftovers in a clear glass container, rather than in an opaque container. Seen means not forgotten
  • If you love cooking and often have leftovers, choose a day to use up any that are in the fridge
  • Designate a box in your fridge with food that has to be eaten first. Leftovers won’t end up forgotten in the back of your fridge
  • The extraordinary combination of ingredients in the box will inspire ideas for dishes. Pre-cooked beetroot, half an apple and roasted potatoes? A perfect base for a soup

Source: Healthline.com (https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/reduce-food-waste)