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We are the world’s largest food and agribusiness bank, founded by farmers, for farmers. We are committed to growing our people to make them the best that they can be while using our knowledge and networks to help our clients grow their businesses sustainably. We are focused on supporting our local communities, and our profits are invested back into helping our people grow a better world together.

Grow with us.

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True to our cooperative origins, our focus lies with our employees and clients, not shareholders, so we always put people first. We consistently return industry-leading employee engagement scores, reflecting our exceptional culture and commitment to our values.

We offer a wealth of opportunities for agribusiness banking specialists and other professionals, and are committed to the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace, flexible work practices and innovation. The opportunity to work together for the greater good are reasons why our employees love working with Rabobank.

At Rabobank our culture is unique, because every day our people proudly come to work knowing that we are all playing our part in supporting our farmers to feed the world. This strong client-focused culture is built on our mission of: Growing a better New Zealand together.

We continue to grow and strengthen our culture by recruiting talented people whose values are aligned with ours.


Rabobank values and behaviours

  • We are client-driven, by prioritising our customers
  • We are cooperative, by connecting to society
  • We are professional, by simplifying
  • We take responsibility, by being accountable

Our culture is focused on growing each other. We strive to create an open, balanced and flexible workplace where people feel that they belong, can be open and honest and are supported.

Flexibility is important and encouraged at Rabobank. We’ve implemented global principles to support employees to work flexibly in ways that suit individuals, teams and the organisation.

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We are Growing a better world together.

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Founded by Farmers, for Farmers

We were founded in 1898 by farmers looking to support each other’s businesses and give rural communities access to fair financing.

Now as the world’s leading food & agribusiness bank, Rabobank invests in a sustainable food future for all, supporting the production of more food, using less of the world’s precious resources.

Our cooperative values mean that we are accountable to only our clients and their communities - not to shareholder demands like many other banks, so we can focus 100% on our mission of helping farmers grow sustainably.

Stronger through involved members

What makes Rabobank as a cooperative different from other banks?

We have members rather than shareholders. Instead of paying dividend, we invest part of our profit back into society. This is called “cooperative dividend” and is used to support local, national and international projects that would not otherwise be possible.

Our members are also more than regular customers. This is because members help discuss and decide the bank’s course and the local projects we support. We share our knowledge and our network with members through a range of events and meetings. This is how we remain committed to each other.

Find out more about our global cooperative structure and the four characteristics of cooperative banking.


Personal and professional development is important to reaching your potential. Along with internal development opportunities, Rabobank employees are encouraged and supported to further their skills, experience and learning with access to benefits such as:

  • Education Assistance
  • Study Leave

Health & Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is critical to growing a better you, at work and in your personal life. Rabobank provides resources to help you be your best through initiatives including:

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Private Health Insurance discounts
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Work/life links

Leave Benefits

We value the need to balance work and life, and make a meaningful contribution to the world. That’s why we have a number of leave benefits, including:

  • Community Leave
  • Bonus Leave
  • Leave purchase
  • Career break
  • 26 weeks paid top up parental leave
  • 4 week paid partner leave
Good deeds

Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is important to us all. Working at Rabobank will provide you with access to some important financial products, such as:

  • Life Insurance
  • Total & permanent disability (TPD) insurance
  • Salary continuance insurance
  • Salary packaging
  • KiwiSaver employer contribution paid for the length of parental leave (up to 52 weeks)
Financial wellbeing


To grow a better world together, we all need to be flexible and adaptable to change.

The way we work is rapidly changing and we want to support our people and clients to find the best approach to work. Whether it is formal or informal flexibility, let’s have a conversation and find the approach that works you, the team and Rabobank.


Additional Benefits

Additional benefits our employees also have access to include:

  • Workplace giving
  • Technology and Electronics discounts
  • Retail Benefits
  • Corporate wardrobe
  • Recognition program
Additional benefits

At Rabobank, we’re committed to growing a better world and a better you.

We’re passionate about creating an organisation where people can be themselves and make a meaningful contribution to our customers and the community, every day. We know that the differences in the backgrounds, skillsets, experiences and perspectives of our people is vital to our ongoing success and reflects the uniqueness of the communities that we live and work in. Our people are proud to work at Rabobank and we continue to strive to create an inclusive and equitable culture which allows all of our people feel that they belong.

At Rabobank New Zealand we’re building a workplace that is equitable, diverse and inclusive. As part of our focus on pay equity, we continue to work towards closing our gender pay gap.

We use two measurements to help us better understand and explain the underlying reasons for differences in pay - the gender pay gap and the pay equity gap. The gender pay gap helps provide an understanding of high-level indicators on the difference between women and men’s earnings, as well as the benefits of pay and employment equity. The pay equity gap compares the average pay of women and men doing the same or similar roles at Rabobank New Zealand.
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We’re proud to partner with the following organisations to support, develop and promote inclusion and belonging, as well as to continue to provide our people with opportunities to grow:


Our inclusion, equity & belonging strategy is underpinned by three strategic goals

Distinct Voices

Every perspective matters, and should be heard.

Diverse Experiences

Our experiences, life stage, and needs differ. There's strength in difference.

Inclusive Culture

We're all safe to belong here.


With a global mission to grow a better world together we’ve naturally got a focus on sustainability and supporting rural communities. This focus continues to develop and evolve.


Some of our local initiatives include:


RaboClient Councils

Working hand-in-hand with our clients to develop meaningful grass roots initiatives to support agri education, rural health, sustainability, and help bridge the rural/urban divide.

RaboClient Council

Rabo Community Fund

Helping rural communities thrive with the aim of tangibly and meaningfully contributing to the vibrancy and resilience of rural New Zealand.

RaboClient Council


We are passionate about sustainability

Globally, we’ve announced our commitment to transforming food systems at the UN Food Systems Summit and we continue to make an impact through the Rabobank Foundation where we’re supporting global initiatives such as Peruvian cocoa farmershelping Indian smallholder farmers to leverage fintechproviding Ugandan farmers with access to finance or helping young people better understand their money in the Netherlands.

We’re also making sure we are playing our part in reducing our local office footprint. This includes:

  • Powering 25+ facilities with 100% carbon neutral energy
  • Working with suppliers to source sustainable and socially conscious products

We want to support you as best as possible through the application process. Generally our process follows the following steps. We’ll make sure we communicate with you along the way and welcome any questions.

If there is any stage of the process that you require support or adjustments to help you perform your best, please do not hesitate to email

Apply online

Complete the application process through our careers portal.


Shortlisted candidates are sent a short values questionnaire to complete. We have worked hard to build a culture and workplace we are proud of, so it’s important that we recruit talent that are aligned to our Rabobank values.


During the first interview you’ll learn more about the opportunity, team and our business. We’ll ask you questions to better understand what you can bring to Rabobank, your background, skills and experience and your workstyle and preferences. Depending on the role you may be invited back for a second interview.

Background checking

This is the final stage of the recruitment process where undertake the necessary due-diligence.