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Just a heads up, our Online and Mobile Banking will be offline for scheduled maintenance between 10:00pm on Saturday 23rd October and 07:00am on 24th October 2021.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

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We are currently experiencing an issue with our Online Savings mobile app for recently updated Apple devices and expect this to be resolved by Monday 25/10/2021.
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Debit Mastercard®

Do I need to enrol in Mastercard® Identity Check?


No, every Rabobank Debit Mastercard® is automatically enrolled in Mastercard® Identity Check.

How does Mastercard® Identity Check protect me?


When you correctly enter the One-Time Passcode during an online purchase, you confirm that you are the authorised cardholder and your purchase continues. If the One-Time Passcode is answered incorrectly, the purchase will not go through.

What is Mastercard® Identity Check?


Mastercard® Identity Check adds an extra layer of security by helping to confirm your identity through a One-Time Passcode for some online purchases, such as when it’s a high-value purchase or one that’s unusual for you.

Click here to download the updated Debit Mastercard® Conditions of Use.

What length should the One-Time Passcode be?


The One-Time Passcode will be 6 digits in length.

Where do I go to update my contact details?


You can update your contact details by logging in to Rabobank Internet Banking and clicking on ‘Services and Settings’ and then ‘My Profile’. Alternatively, please call us on 0800 500 933.

Who do I contact if I need help with my transaction?


Contact the Rabobank Call Centre 0800 500 933.

Why am I being asked for a One-Time Passcode?


When you make a purchase at some online retailers, you may see an extra screen pop up while your payment is being processed. This could be because it’s a high-value purchase or one our systems have flagged may be unusual for you.

Why haven’t I received a One-Time Passcode?


Check the details on the screen of where the One-Time Passcode has been sent to, if this is not your mobile phone number or email address you’ll need to update your details with us and then select ‘Re-send Passcode’.

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