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The Benefits

  • No account fees, open a Term Deposit with only $1,000
  • Option for regular interest payments on terms one year and over
  • Option to reinvest automatically when your term matures
  • Maturity email alerts - start planning your next move

The Details

Our term deposits are a great way to get some predictability back into your savings.

Term deposits give you the reassurance that you will have a fixed rate for a fixed period so you know exactly where you stand.

Your deposits go to support the New Zealand food and agribusiness sector which contributes to feeding kiwis and the world.


Our rates

Term Deposits are available to Personal, Children's and existing Trust* & existing Business* accounts.

Account fees
1 month 1.05%
- - - $1,000 None
3 months 2.30%
- - - $1,000 None
6 months 3.50%
- - - $1,000 None
9 months 3.55%
- - - $1,000 None
1 year 4.15%
$1,000 None
15 months 3.95%
- $1,000 None
18 months 4.05%
$1,000 None
2 years 4.35%
$1,000 None
3 years 4.55%
$1,000 None
4 years 4.70%
$1,000 None
5 years  4.75%
$1,000 None

All interest rates on this page are percentage per annum (p.a.) and are shown before the deduction of taxes. The term deposit interest rates listed here are only for the first $5 million of total deposits you have with Rabobank Online Savings. For rates on deposits over $5 million please call us on 0800 22 44 33.

Early withdrawal fees may apply. Refer to the Rabobank Online Savings Terms & Conditions for more information. 
*Please take note that we no longer accept applications for new Business or Trust customers.
^Standard Interest payments are paid on maturity only for terms up to 18 months, and annually for terms 2 years or greater. Rabobank Online Savings does not currently offer a compounding interest option for Term Deposits.



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Other savings options


Earn a variable interest rate by providing 60 days' notice each time you make a withdrawal.

Interest Rate


  • Add to your balance and make withdrawals at any time^
  • No account fees
  • No minimum balance

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Earn a premium interest rate if you increase your balance by $50 per month.*

Variable rate up to


  • Premium interest for growing your savings up to $100k*
  • Money is on call
  • No account fees or minimum balance

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RaboSaver makes it easy to move money around your accounts.

Interest Rate


  • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No account fees or minimum balance
  • Unlimited deposits & withdrawals

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^ A 60 day notice period applies prior to each withdrawal

* If the required $50 monthly balance increase excluding interest paid during that month is achieved. The standard RaboSaver rate applies to the portion of the PremiumSaver balance over $100,000 and up to $5 million. If the required $50 monthly balance increase is not achieved, a rate of 1.50% p.a. will apply to the total PremiumSaver balance for that month up to $5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Term Deposits can I have?


During the initial account opening process you are only able to set up one Term Deposit, however, once you receive your Welcome Pack and PIN you are then able to login and create as many Term Deposits as you wish.

My funds haven't cleared. Can I still set up a Term Deposit?


Yes. You can reserve a term deposit using uncleared funds providing the funds clear within three business days. The interest rate will be held and the term deposit will start once the funds clear. But don’t worry, if rates go up, we will honour the new rate. While the funds are clearing you will earn interest at our RaboSaver rate. 

If your transfer is dishonoured, the term deposit request will be cancelled and one of our friendly contact centre consultants will contact you.   

What if my tax rate changes during the Term Deposit?

Tax will be deducted at your new tax rate when the next interest payment is made. For example, if you have a 6 month term deposit and change your tax rate part way through, tax will be deducted at your new rate when the interest is paid at maturity. It is not possible to deduct tax at two separate rates for one interest payment.

Can I add funds to a Term Deposit?


Once the term deposit is set up, the details such as the amount, term and interest rate are locked in. You can always open additional term deposits with any balance of $1,000 or more.