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Blake Holgate

Blake Holgate Podcast Headshot


Blake hails from a sheep and beef farming family and practised as an environmental lawyer specialising in resource management before joining Rabobank in 2012.

During his time with the bank as Head of Sustainable Business Development, he’s developed extensive knowledge of the sustainability challenges facing New Zealand’s food producers and established himself as one of the country’s leading commentators on this topic.

He’s authored several research reports examining some of these challenges and is also a regular contributor to Rabobank government policy submissions on regulations affecting the sector.

Katie Rodwell

 Katie Rodwell Podcast Headshot

Katie grew up on a sheep and beef farm north of Kaikoura.

She joined the Bank as a Sustainability Manager in 2022 after eight years at Farmlands’, most recently as the Head of Sustainability and Land Use

At the bank, Katie is focused on supporting the bank’s sustainability ambitions, and supporting staff and clients with learning and development so they can have meaningful sustainability discussions.

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Episode 32: Wool on the World Stage with Andy Caughey

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by Andy Caughey. Andy is the CEO of Wool Impact, an advocacy group for the uses and benefits of wool. This episode focuses on the strong wool industry, and the work they are doing to promote 'the best natural fibre in the world'.

Katie and Andy discuss how Wool Impact came to be, and where they are trying to steer the industry for the future. Andy outlines the hurdles kiwi farmers are facing in getting their wool out the farm gate for a fair price; the growing consumer awareness of the benefits of using wool; and the commercial businesses that are pushing back on synthetic fibres. Andy shares the positive legislation Wool Impact is advocating for, which is promoting wool as the fibre of choice. He encourages farmers to stick with wool production, sharing his vision for an innovative and profitable sector of the future.

Episode 31: Thinking Outside the Numbers with the Cullens

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by Adam and Laura Cullen. Adam and Laura own and operate a 220-ha dairy farm in Kaipara, focusing on maintaining profitability while farming regeneratively and responsibly. This episode focuses on using soil health to create financial value, looking for wins outside of the numbers, and how they're changing the game from within their farm gate.

Katie, Adam, and Laura discuss leaving the land in a better state for their children, their goal of a carbon-neutral farm, and managing the setbacks that come with farming. Laura shares her love for involving the birds and trees into their day-to-day operations; farming true to your values; letting data lead the way when planning for the future; and sustainability through people, the environment, and the business. Adam outlines their strategies for targeting better soil health; the performance they've seen since investing in the environment around them; and fostering pride and resilience throughout the rural community. Together, they look towards 2050, with the opportunity to support new generations of innovation and energy across the sector.

Episode 30: The Road to Reduction with Wayne McNee

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by Wayne McNee. Wayne is the Chief Executive of AgriZero NZ, a partnership between government and private agribusinesses aiming to reduce on farm emissions in a profitable, productive manner. This episode focuses on AgriZero's purpose in this space, and what they are hoping to deliver to the rural sector.

Katie and Wayne discuss the road which lead him AgriZero, the ambitions they have for this partnership, and tools they hope to deliver to farmers. Wayne outlines the investments they are making into exciting new technology; the growing role market pressure is playing in this space; the competitive edge that this partnership gives New Zealand; and the results they are hoping to accomplish from this work. Wayne gives his perspective on the global and domestic future of agricultural emissions, and gives some practical, optimistic advice to farmers on taking control of new technology and information.


Episode 29: Wrapping up 2023 with Katie Rodwell and Blake Holgate

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Blake Holgate and Katie Rodwell reflect on the highlights and learnings from 2023.

2023 was a year of uncertainty in the rural sector, and this was a common theme running through many of our episodes. Through this uncertainty, some of our guests have provided great insights into looking to the long term, and the value of having a strategy. The growing role of sustainability on farm has been reiterated by all our guests, but topics such as data, markets, risk, and the future were also a focus last year.

Blake and Katie touch on the power of a positive mindset, having resilience, and focusing on what is inside your control. There are so many changes happening across the industry, and with the right support these can create great opportunities. This episode wraps up with our hosts sharing their optimism for the future, and the value of the diversity and adaptability that the sector continues to show.

Thank you to everyone that tuned in from the tractor, the ute, or the office last year. The Rabobank Growing our future team hope you are having a safe and happy holidays, and we are looking forward to joining you in 2024.

Episode 28: Banking Sustainability Risk with Richard Lorraway

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Blake Holgate is joined by Richard Lorraway. Richard is the Chief Risk Officer at Rabobank, and has almost 30 years' experience in the banking sector. This episode focuses on risk in banking, and the growing role sustainability is playing in this space.

Blake and Richard discuss how the bank is approaching climate risk, what it is, and how it is likely to impact clients into the future. Richard outlines Rabobank's internal client evaluation tools, how sustainability ties into this evaluation; and the importance of starting transition-focused discussions. Richard highlights the need for collaboration between farmers, banks and stakeholders, and encourages everyone to get engaged in sustainability to continue taking steps towards the best possible farming systems.

Episode 27: Thinking Strategically about Sustainability with Richard Green

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Blake Holgate is joined by Richard Green. Richard sits on the board of multiple New Zealand agribusinesses, and has a wealth of experience in the corporate-agri sector. This episode has a slightly different take than our typical podcasts, with a focus on the many facets of running a profitable, commercial operation. There are some great takeaways on managing businesses for all those in the primary industry.

Blake and Richard focus on strategic planning for farming businesses, through a discussion on creating sustainable growth; diversification and risk management; thinking like a CEO rather than a famer; and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. Richard highlights the lessons he has learnt over his career, benefits of goal setting, and taking control of the business direction. His optimism on the future of New Zealand agriculture is obvious, emphasising the changing landscapes and many opportunities for growth.

Episode 26: A Focus on the Future with Chelsea Hopkins

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by AgFirst Consultant and recent university graduate, Chelsea Hopkins. Chelsea is Manawatu born and bred, currently working as an Agribusiness and Environmental Consultant at one of New Zealand's leading consultancy firms. This episode is a must listen for anyone beginning their career in a rural support role, or for anyone wanting to get their kids more involved in agriculture through school.

Katie and Chelsea discuss her time at Fielding High School, and the Agribusiness in Schools program; the value of diverse work experience through university; the role of mentors as a young person; and the need for a better connection between the rural and urban sector from early childhood. Chelsea highlights the challenges being faced by Manawatu farmers, changing environmental trends, and the opportunities for diversification in farming. Chelsea sees a future with technology playing a greater role in farming, a diverse workforce, sustainability, and changing markets.

Episode 25: Beyond the farm gate with James Robertson

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Katie Rodwell is joined by James Robertson. James is a Fonterra Trade Strategy Manager for Asia, based in Shanghai. Living in the world's largest dairy consuming region has given him a unique perspective of New Zealand, on an international scale.

This episode focuses on James's role navigating sustainability, regulation, culture, and markets. Katie and James discuss his background growing up on a Waikato dairy farm and winning the New Zealand Young Farmer of the Year; the challenges he faces operating in such a physically and culturally diverse region; the growing demand for dairy products he is witnessing; and the perception of New Zealand dairy farmers across Aisa. James shares his thoughts on the global future for New Zealand dairy, and the opportunities still to come.

Episode 24: Funding farming change with Reuben Casey

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Katie Rodwell is joined by Reuben Casey. Reuben is the COO/Deputy CEO of Craigmore Sustainables, a kiwi company working to connect farmers and investors across the agricultural, horticultural, and forestry sectors.

This episode focuses on Craigmore's business drivers and focus, and with such a wide scope of sectors it is something that almost every farmer and grower can relate to. Katie and Reuben discuss Reubens background in the corporate, retail world and the lessons he's brought to the primary industry; the all-encompassing sustainable business model Craigmore has, which is setting them up for the future; how the investors see success and understand farming isn't an overnight win; and how the goals of the business influence their decisions on the ground. Reuben shares his thoughts on the biggest threats and opportunities that are facing commercial farms, orchards and forests in the future.

Episode 23: Milking for the future with Rhys Roberts

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by Rhys Roberts. As the CEO of Align Group, Rhys keep's himself busy overseeing seven farms, a market garden, a yogurt brand and milk processing facility.

This episode focuses on Rhys regenerative farm trials compared to his conventionally run farms, and on using the data that comes out of it. Katie and Rhys discuss the benefits and quirks that come with publishing your farm data online; the difficult nature of adding value to food production; how he defines success; and what gets him out of bed each day. Rhys shares his insights about looking through all the noise, and what he sees the food and fibre sector looking like in 2050.

Episode 22: Developing our Youth with Cheyenne Wilson

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Blake Holgate is joined by Cheyenne Wilson. Cheyenne was previously Chair of the Food and Fibre Youth Network, and is an advocate for young people wanting to enter or advance in the rural sector.

This episode focuses on the future of New Zealand agriculture, and on the young people who are moving into the sector. Blake and Cheyenne discuss the work she has done in the Food and Fibre Youth Network; the passion and skills she has seen coming through the next generation of farmers and rural professionals; how the industry can better attract talent from outside the sector; and the pathways for young people wanting to get into the primary industries.

Episode 21: Insights from a Young Farmer with Tim Dangen

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by Tim Dangen. As the winner of the FMG Young Farmer of the Year 2022, Tim has spent the last 12 months as an advocate for the rural sector.

This episode focuses on how we are giving opportunities to the young leaders in our sector and supporting them to thrive. Katie and Tim discuss Tim's on-farm sustainability journey; key learnings from his time as Young Farmer of the Year; what those within the agricultural sector can be doing to encourage young leaders; what young farmers can do to ensure they are well set up for a future that is changing frequently; and the value of mentors. Tim shares his thoughts on how the rural sector can continue to attract young people and what he sees the future looking like for the food and fibre sector.

Episode 20: Planting the Seed with Restore Native Founder Adam Thompson

Before people arrived in New Zealand, 80% of the country was covered in forest, and now it's only 15%. On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by the founder of Restore Native, and winner of the Kaitiakitanga Award at the 2023 Primary Industry NZ Awards, Adam Thompson. Together Katie and Adam explore the benefits of planting natives and being proud of your land.

This episode focuses on answering the big questions, including is it important for us to replant our marginal land, what is the best way to do that, and what benefits will we see from planting. Katie and Adam discuss Adam's on-farm sustainability journey and the drivers behind his passion for planting native trees; identifying marginal land and learning what to plant; challenges farmers face; the positive environmental outcomes; and generating income from planting natives. Adam shares his advice around planning, prepping, planting, and protecting your investment, and provides his perspective on the future of the biodiversity credit market.

Episode 19: Global Sustainability Insights Series – North America with Cristian Barcan

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, we continue the series examining what is happening on the ground in key food-producing regions. This episode focuses on North America, the world's largest exporter of food. Host Blake Holgate is joined by Vice President of Rural Sustainability for Rabobank North America, Cristian Barcan, to discuss what is being done to improve on-farm sustainability and how sustainability is influencing consumer behaviours.

Blake and Cristian discuss the key sustainability issues facing US farmers and growers, and their evolvement over the last 20 years; greenhouse gas emissions and their impact in the market; the role regulators play in emission and sustainability issues, the initiatives they're implementing, and whether compensation for farmers and growers changes along with modern requirements; and how farmers' operations and production levels may be impacted in the future. Cristian highlights how farmers are evolving their methods, including alternative land use, and the changes in consumer behaviours and expectations around sustainability and transparency. Cristian also shares his insights on the major risks and opportunities that sustainability represents to the US agriculture industry.

Episode 18: A Farmer’s Perspective: Reducing GHG Emissions On-Farm with Fraser McGougan

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Blake Holgate is joined by farmer Fraser McGougan. Fraser, chair of DairyNZ's Climate Change Ambassadors, and his wife Katherine own a dairy farm in the Eastern Bay of Plenty and were winners of the Bay of Plenty Farm Environment Awards Supreme Award in 2019.

This episode focuses on understanding what is in your control as a farmer when it comes to on-farm emissions, and what levers or actions farmers have at their disposal now to help. Blake and Fraser discuss Fraser's farming career and current operation, when and how his on-farm sustainability journey began, and the drivers behind this journey; Fraser's key actions in addressing on-farm sustainability, especially in relation to nitrogen, feed and animal management, and electricity; and the Climate Change Ambassadors and step change programme. Fraser shares his vision for his farming operation for 2030, and the industry as a whole in thirty years' time.

Episode 17: Global Sustainability Insights Series - the Netherlands with Jeen Nijboer

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, we continue the series examining what is happening on the ground in key food-producing regions. This episode focuses on the Netherlands, who’s farmers and growers produce enough food to be the world's second largest exporter of agricultural products from an area of land roughly the size of Otago. Blake is joined by Jeen Nijboer, Rabobank’s Manager of Food & Agri Sustainability for the Netherlands, to discuss the key sustainability issues facing Dutch farmers and growers.

Blake and Jeen discuss the nature and scale of the agricultural sector in the Netherlands; the Sustainable Dairy Value Chain; the key sustainability performance indicators within the supply chain and how they've been incentivised; current regulations being proposed and implemented, the drivers and potential impacts; the current airborne ammonium issue; and the targets and reduction requirements for GHG emissions set by the Dutch government. Jeen provides his insights on whether the Netherlands is looking to leverage sustainability as a competitive advantage in worldwide export markets, and the risks a country like New Zealand face continuing to export to the EU if sustainability issues are not sufficiently addressed.

Episode 16: Global Sustainability Insights Series – Australia with Crawford Tailor

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Blake Holgate kicks off a series of episodes examining what is happening on the ground in key food-producing regions. We'll be diving into sustainability from a government, industry, and farmer perspective worldwide, offering valuable insights for New Zealand farmers and growers. To start off, we're focusing on Australia with Crawford Taylor, Head of Client Sustainability for Rabobank Australia.

Blake and Crawford discuss the key sustainability issues facing Australian farmers and growers; what roles the Australian government and regulators play in helping address these issues and how this influence could change in the future; Meat and Livestock Australia's 'Carbon Neutral by 2030' initiative; and how the industry and farmers are responding. Crawford provides his insights on how Australia is looking to leverage sustainability as a competitive advantage in the global markets, and the major risks and opportunities that sustainability represents to the Australian agriculture industry.

Episode 15: Fresh Thinking about Freshwater with Kate Scott

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by Kate Scott, an Executive Director of the surveying and environmental consulting business Landpro.

This episode focuses on the freshwater systems vital to our way of life, our environment, and our communities, and how Freshwater Farm Plans (FWFP) benefit farmers, growers, and waterways. Katie and Kate discuss where we're currently at with FWFPs, what they'll look like, and when they'll need to be done; the importance of FWFPs to farm businesses; the difference between a certified FWFPs and an Integrated Farm Plan; what could be part of the mandatory requirements; and whether you should be taking any action before knowing what the regulations will look like. Kate also shares her thoughts on how FWFPs will evolve, and where to go to find more information.

Check out Landpro - Better Environments, Better Together for more information.

Episode 14: A Resilient Mindset with David Todd

On this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, host Katie Rodwell is joined by David Todd, the man behind Toddy Talks. Toddy is a facilitator for the East Coast Rural Support Trust.

This episode focuses on farmer resilience, talking through the issues of isolation and often-stressful nature of agriculture, with severe weather and volatile trading conditions which can put pressure on rural families. Katie and Toddy discuss the meaning of resilience, finding a positive mindset in tough situations, thinking critically instead of negatively, and controlling what's within your control. Toddy shares his top four resilience tips and what support is available to our rural communities.

Check out Home - Farmstrong - Live Well Farm Well and Rural Support Trust: Help and support for rural NZ for resources, or free call or text 1737 any time to chat to someone.

Episode 13: Assuring On-Farm Success with Nick Beeby

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Nick Beeby, Chair of New Zealand Farm Assurance Inc. Nick wears a number of hats, another of which is as the General Manager of Market Development at Beef+Lamb NZ.

This episode focuses on farm assurance programmes, and the opportunities to utilise these to add more value to the farming business beyond demonstrating to a global audience that we are operating to the sustainable and ethical standard expected. Blake and Nick discuss the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP); the value farmers get from being involved in an accreditation programme; how farmers go about becoming accredited under NZFAP Plus; the future of farm accreditation programmes; and the role digitalisation can play in making participation easier for farmers. Nick also shares his key messages for farmers considering becoming a part of an assurance programme.

Episode 12: Planning for Success with Erica van Reenen

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Erica van Reenen. Erica is an Agricultural and Environmental Consultant, and Director of AgFirst, as well as the facilitator of Rabobank's new Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Freshwater Workshops.

This episode focuses on integrated farm planning, and how to design and implement a plan that will add real value to your farming business. Blake and Erica discuss the changes that farm planning has seen in the last decade, the regulatory compliance elements farmers can expect to face, why it's important to consider an integrated approach, and the tools and support available for farmers through the process. Erica shares her thoughts on the role of digitalisation and how it could potentially assist farmers with more efficient, high quality, farm planning tools.

Episode 11: Data Burden to Insights Value with Gavin Marshall

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Gavin Marshall, Sustainability Manager at Rabobank NZ. .

Gavin's role at Rabobank involves ensuring data gets turned into insights that provide value to Rabobank clients. This episode focuses on how the significant amount of data farmers collect can be used in ways that provide genuine value to farming businesses. Blake and Gavin discuss the types of on-farm sustainability data farmers have available to them; the compliance and technology drivers behind the increase of this type of information being required; how farmers can source and access this information; and whether there is an over-reliance on data. Gavin explains the key metrics in the Fonterra Farm Insights Report and how various reports and insights can help farmers move towards becoming more efficient producers. .

Episode 10: Insuring a Sustainable Future with Chris Black

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Chris Black, Rabobank NZ board chairman and ex-CEO of rural insurance company FMG.

This episode focuses on trends and disruptions that are reshaping the insurance industry and scratches the surface of how climate change might change the future of insurance. Blake and Chris discuss the different types of risks we are facing, risk appetite, and the techniques to manage risk; how the insurance space is adapting to the new and changing risks presented by climate change and environmental disruptions; how insurers can share insights on climate change risk with their farmers so they can make better decisions for their businesses. Chris highlights how farmers can know what risks are insurable, the different aspects of insurance pricing, and what risks and trends he expects to see in the future.

Episode 9: Rural Communities Solving Rural Challenges with Mark Chrystall

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Taihape farmer Mark Chrystall. Mark is a Rabobank Client Council member, and the deputy Chair of the Rangitīkei Rivers Catchment Collective.

This episode focuses on the role of rural communities and catchment groups in supporting farmers and growers to understand the environmental and social risks and opportunities relevant to their businesses. Blake and Mark discuss how Mark has gone about improving the sustainability performance of his own business; the Rangitīkei Rivers Catchment Collective, their evolution, how they perform, and the secret to their success; and the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme Plus (NZFAP Plus). Mark shares the cost savings, future proofing and risk mitigation he has seen through the Catchment Collective and NZFAP Plus, the roles groups can play in the future success of farming in New Zealand, and how farmers can tap into other support provided by rural communities.

Episode 8: Changing the Price at the Farm Gate with Dave Maslen

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Katie Vickers is joined by Dave Maslen, General Manager of Markets and Sustainability at the New Zealand Merino Company. Dave has a wealth of experience in understanding how change or disruption can create opportunities that can really generate impact.

This episode focuses on the importance of extrapolating value, how data points will be used to evidence actions, and the need to be brave. Katie and Dave discuss NZ Merino's key customers and markets, and what they're asking of the company; some of the recent changes in the sector and how those translate on-farm; and how consumers, retail and brands are driving the demand for visibility and transparency. Dave outlines how NZ Merino is supporting their farmers and growers through the transition period as they focus more on sustainability, and the key challenges and barriers involved in driving change on farm. Dave also shares his perspective on what's next in terms of signals, and what farmers can do now to best position themselves in the future.

Episode 7: Low Emission Transition with Lachlan Monsbourgh

In this episode of RaboTalk's Growing our future, Katie Vickers is joined by Lachlan Monsbourgh. Based in Australia, Lachlan is Rabobank's Global Rural Agricultural and Environmental Lead.

This episode focuses on transitioning to a low emissions future, and how FMCG companies, who rely heavily on the impact of their Scope 3 emissions will support the transition while retaining production of quality, nutritious food. Katie and Lachlan discuss how focusing on reducing emissions can create better business outcomes; helping farmers move from brown to green and then greener; the practicalities of net carbon zero by 2050 business strategy; and the collaboration between sectors across the value chain. Lachlan highlights some of the trends being seen overseas around tools available for farmers, including tools outside of sustainable finance, and the role of education, and gives his view on what he thinks farming will look like in 2050.

Episode 6: Unpacking ESG with Julia Jones

In this episode of RaboTalk’s Growing our future, Katie Vickers is joined by Julia Jones. Head of Insight at NZX, Julia has a passion for understanding global trends and their impact on New Zealand. Julia’s role as NZX puts her in a unique position to comment on ESG and what it means in relation to agriculture.

This episode focuses on what ESG really means, how it is changing behaviours in business, and most importantly how it might impact New Zealand farmers and growers. Katie and Julia discuss risk management, social investment-on farm, the supply chain, greenwashing, and how agriculture globally is being impacted by ESG investing and whether it’s forcing changes to how we produce food. Julia outlines the importance of transparency, why enhanced and improved communication practices are vital for success in business, and shares advice on how to improve communication with people outside of the sector. And finally... egg-gate?

Episode 5: Environmental Enhancement On-Farm with Roger MacGibbon

In this episode of RaboTalk’s Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Roger MacGibbon, Tonkin+Taylor’s Principal Environmental Scientist. Roger is an ecologist with more than 30 years of experience in environmental restoration and management, who has the unique skill of being able to translate science into practical and impactful on-farm actions.

This episode focuses on improving the management of the environment in which farm systems operate and the main considerations farmers should think about when it comes to good environmental management on-farm. Blake and Roger discuss the wide range of environmental aspects relevant to farming systems, including biodiversity, water, nutrient, and carbon management, and how these aspects are connected; the key locations on-farm to focus environmental efforts; and the opportunities farmers have to establish bush areas and native plantings from scratch. Roger shares some tips on how to go about planning environmental enhancement on-farm, and where you can go to get more information specific to your farm.

Episode 4: Sustaining Red Meat Supply Chain Success with Justin Sherrard

In this episode of RaboTalk’s Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Justin Sherrard, Rabobank’s Global Sector Strategist for animal proteins. Based in the Netherlands, at Rabobank’s Global Head Office, Justin is responsible for the analysis of issues of strategic importance to animal protein companies around the world.

This episode focuses on how sustainability is influencing the red meat supply chain, and what this means for New Zealand farmers in relation to planning on-farm investments and farm system decisions. Justin and Blake discuss sustainability credentials expected from red meat producers, accountability of and access to consumer products, and supply chain net zero commitments in relation to expectations, opportunities and where biodiversity, water, and animal welfare fit in. Justin shares his thoughts on quality, price and availability of red meat, the success of New Zealand’s agricultural system, and the future demand of red meat in relation to New Zealand’s advantages and pace of change compared our competitors.

Episode 3: Carbon Clarity with Dave Janett

In this episode of RaboTalk’s Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Dave Janett, a director of the Forest Management Group. Dave has extensive knowledge and experience of all things carbon and forest related, is involved in several government and sector working groups, and is a facilitator of Rabobank’s client Carbon Workshops.

This episode focuses on examining the role of carbon within food production systems, specifically the ability to generate revenue from carbon, and the key factors that need to be considered when assessing how to incorporate carbon income within food production businesses. Dave and Blake discuss what the different options are for earning carbon credits under the ETS, what earning from sequestration outside of the ETS looks like, how you best determine what works for you, and what risks landowners face. Dave shares his thoughts on the future of the New Zealand timber market, how long farmers will be able to continue getting income from carbon credits and whether landowners are better off starting now or waiting to see how the space evolves in the next few years.

Episode 2: Changing Climate, Changing Farming with Dr Andy Reisinger

In this episode of RaboTalk’s Growing our future, Blake Holgate is joined by Dr Andy Reisinger. Based in New Zealand, Andy has an internationally recognised scientific profile for his climate change work. Currently, Andy is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), vice chair of the IPCC Mitigation working group and is serving as a Commissioner on the NZ Climate Change Commission.

This episode focuses on the physical impacts of climate change, specific to New Zealand, how these changes will affect local farmers and growers now, and in the future, and what can be done to prepare for changes. Andy and Blake discuss the nature and scale of climatic changes, how much of the weather extremes we are experiencing can be attributed to man-made emissions of greenhouse gases, and how the consequences of climate changes will affect farmers and growers in New Zealand compared with the rest of the world.

Episode 1: Banking on Sustainability with Lara Yocarini, Global Head of Rural and Food & Agri

In episode one of RaboTalk’s Growing our Future, Blake Holgate is joined by Lara Yocarini, Rabobank’s Global Head of Rural and Food & Agri. Based in the Netherlands, Lara looks after a portfolio of activities supporting Rabobank’s rural business internationally.

This episode focuses on the influence that sustainability has on banks and capital markets, as well as how this flows through to impact New Zealand farmers and growers now and in the future. Lara and Blake discuss what sustainability means from the Banks perspective, possible future implications for borrowers, how banks can influence the sustainability performance of their clients, and what this all means for New Zealand’s agricultural sector as a whole.

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