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A few examples of our many sponsorships...

New Zealand Farm Environment Trust

The New Zealand Farm Environment Trust seeks to promote leadership in environmental excellence and encourage the uptake of management practices which both protect and enhance the environment and add value to farming businesses and communities through an annual awards programme ‘The Ballance Farm Environment Awards’.

Rabobank places a growing importance on environmental sustainability and our staff are involved in many of the regional committees and judging teams for the Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

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Carvers for NZFET

Red Meat Profit Partnership

The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is a unique collaboration between the Red Meat Sector and Government through the Primary Growth Partnership programme. The programme draws together nine industry partners that are investing alongside the Ministry for Primary Industries. The objective of RMPP is to drive sustainable productivity improvements in the sheep and beef sector to deliver higher on farm profitability. Rabobank’s involvement in the RMPP is a seven year partnership in which we work alongside industry partners to provide practical tools to farmers to implement on farm.

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Farmers in a paddock RMPP

South Island Dairy Event (SIDE)

The South Island Dairy Event (SIDE) was established to provide a forum for those involved in the South Island dairy industry to evaluate and apply knowledge, skills and technology to their business. The key drivers of SIDE are dairy farmers. Rabobank have proudly sponsored the annual dairy conference for over 10 years. With access to a network of leading producers, global experts and industry spokespeople, we support one of the keynote speakers at the event each year, along with hosting a trade stand to promote our latest products, services and research to the 300 delegates who attend annually.

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South Island Dairy Event - Dairy

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