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FoodBytes! by Rabobank

Rabobank’s FoodBytes! innovation platform is a powerful engine for ongoing collaboration between food and agriculture companies who want to feed the world more sustainably.

FoodBytes! drives collaboration between startups, large food and ag companies and investors through two complementary programs: FoodBytes! Pitch and FoodBytes! Pilot.

Our approach to industry change: discovering and supporting startup innovation; and helping large food and ag companies embed and drive innovation across their organisations.

FoodBytes! Pitch 2021 Startup Applications Now Open

Innovative New Zealand food and agri startups are invited to apply for the international Rabobank FoodBytes! 2021 pitch competition.

Startup applicants are sought in the following areas:

  • Sustainable supply chains: blockchain/traceability, livestock management, animal feed efficiency, meat processing automation, byproduct upcycling, commodities processing, shelf-life extension, clean food processing
  • Improved resource management: carbon sequestration & reduction, precision irrigation, food loss mitigation, sustainable packaging, manufacturing robotics, on-farm automation, ag biotechnology, precision ag & AI, indoor farming
  • Next frontier of nutrition: functional ingredients (i.e. aging, mental clarity, performance, immunity), food biotechnology/fermentation, cellular agriculture, grain & sugar alternatives, meal prep/home cooking simplification, personalised nutrition, consumer wearables & data gathering.

To apply or for more information:

Corporates, investors and farmers interested in learning more about joining the FoodBytes! community:

FoodBytes! Pitch

FoodBytes! Pitch is a startup discovery program that helps entrepreneurs scale their impact through mentorship and connections to corporate and investor members – who in turn gain access to a vetted pipeline of startups aligned with their innovation goals.


FoodBytes! Pilot

FoodBytes! Pilot is a corporate innovation program that helps established food and ag companies embed innovation into their organizations through matchmaking with startups for structured pilots and consulting services.


Learn about the benefits of the FoodBytes! ecosystem

FoodBytes Start Ups 


  • Ongoing mentorship from industry experts
  • Access to new customers and partners
  • Intros to leading industry C-suite executives
  • Tailored 1:1 investor connections
  • Industry insights from Rabobank network
  • Peer-to-peer camaraderie via alumni network


FoodBytes Corporate 


  • Strategic introductions and collaboration opportunities with startups
  • Participation in scoring and selection of startups
  • Digital and physical programming opportunities, including panel participation, masterclass hosting, and mentorship roles
  • Tailored startup trend reporting


FoodBytes Investors  


  • Access to robust startup origination pipeline
  • Unparalleled due diligence mechanism and trusted deal flow vetting
  • Exclusive 1:1 access to startups




FoodBytes! Alumni, New Zealand company Regen

Bridgit Hawkins, CEO/Executive Director at Regen pitches at FoodBytes! in 2017.

FoodBytes Pilot Webinar

FoodBytes! Pilot Webinar: A Case for Industry Cross-Collaboration

Pitch Collaborators discuss their learnings about how to maximize ROI from corporate-startup collaboration.

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