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We are experiencing some issues with the Rabobank Online Savings mobile app which means it is unavailable for some Apple users.
Online Savings

Here's how it works

When you open a Rabobank Online Savings account, you will receive a Digipass to manage your account securely online. The Digipass is a small hand-held device that randomly generates an access code, which is used to log in to a Rabobank Online Savings account and validate transactions. This provides one of the safest methods of online banking available today.

By using the Digipass, access to your account is protected by two-factor authentication.

The two elements are:

  • something you know: your customer number and PIN code, and
  • something you have: your Digipass.

This is safer than a standard user name and/or password, where anyone who obtained this information could easily access your account.


Activate your Digipass

If you have recently received your Digipass you will need to activate your account within 90 days. You can activate your Digipass in three simple steps:

  1. Get an activation code. Go to the Online Savings Internet Banking page and click on 'Activate your new Digipass'. Enter your customer number, date of birth and how you want to receive your code (email or TXT).
  2. Set up your personal PIN. Press the orange key on your Digipass and enter the code we sent. You can then enter your own five digit PIN. Enter this twice to confirm it.
  3. Activate your Digipass. Follow the onscreen instructions to generate a Digipass code and complete the activation.

Locked Digipass

  1. Get your unlock code
  2. Go to the Login page here and click on “Locked your Digipass?” and follow the instructions to get your unlock code

  3. Once you have received your email or TXT, press the orange key on your Digipass and enter the unlock code
  4. The Digipass will display 'New PIN'. Enter the five digit PIN you want to use
  5. Enter your PIN again to confirm it
  6. The Digipass will display 'New PIN conf'
  7. You can now log into your account as normal

Replacement Digipass

If you have lost your Digipass or the battery is low, we can replace it for you free of charge*.

Call us on 0800 22 44 33 or +64 4 8192870 (between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday) and we will send a replacement. If you can't call or it’s outside our business hours, you can print and sign our Digipass Request Form then scan and email, fax or post it back to us.

* Unless you are overseas, then a delivery fee may apply.