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All In One

We’re a bank founded by farmers, so we understand how a few good seasons can be followed by a few tough ones.

To help you through the cycles, we’ve created the All In One account. The combination of flexible funding, with transaction and loan facilities in a single account, means you can make financial decisions when it’s right for your business.

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Top Benefits

  • Easier reduction of debt because income automatically goes against debt
  • Greater control - It’s self managed, essentially acting like a revolving line of credit, where you can continue to pay off / drawn down to your loan limit
  • Freedom to pay down debt in good times with no penalties if you repay your variable rate loan early
  • Pay interest when it suits - Interest payments can be timed to suit your peak income periods. As long as you stay within your loan limit, there’s no minimum repayment

Other farm loans

Equipment finance

We can help you get the farm gear you need, with up to 100% finance and flexible repayments that match the seasonality of your income.

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Trade facility

As part of the All In One account, you can use the Trade Facility to buy goods in foreign currencies through a single account. We can also help you with exporting.

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