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Our story

We work for you...

not for shareholders

Our cooperative origins mean that we don’t have to answer to shareholder demands, so we can focus on you, and take a long-term view of your business.

We reinvest 100% of our deposits into New Zealand agribusiness, supporting the livelihood of farmers and rural communities.

At the farm gate

"Working for Rabobank is enjoyable and rewarding. Our customers are great advocates because our people enjoy building lasting relationships - they respect the experience of our teams and the fact we only do rural lending proves to them we’re here for the long-haul."
Ryan Frew, Area Manager Agribusiness, Otago

We connect people

and share knowledge

All up we have 220 rural specialists in 33 branches across New Zealand with a wealth of local, on-farm and of course banking knowledge.

To add to this, we provide access to a host of specialists whose expertise ranges from sustainable farm systems and succession planning though to commodity price and foreign exchange risk management, along with 80 international food and agribusiness analysts; and a global network of millions of farmers in 40 countries.

So as our client, you have a great source of knowledge to tap into. This can help you to make better business decisions, and foster new business-to-business opportunities in other countries and along the supply chain.

At the farm gate

"Being raised in West Otago, I’ve found it very rewarding leading Rabobank’s Dunedin and Alexandra branches. I’m working in the farming community where my own family farmed for many years and even have a number of clients I went to school with."
Brent Irving, Rabobank Branch Manager, Dunedin and Alexandra

We support producers

and showcase their produce

To celebrate National Farmers' Market Week, our specialist savings division RaboDirect held a pop up farmers market.

At the market, RaboDirect gave out almost 10,000 items of fresh produce that was all supplied by Rabobank clients including Rasmusen's Egg Farm, Fashion Foods, and Barker's of Geraldine.

The market showcased the top quality, delicious produce that our farmers and food producers work hard to deliver to consumers all over New Zealand and abroad. Watch the video to see how popular the pop up market was.