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Just a heads up, our Internet and Mobile Banking will be offline for scheduled maintenance between 12:00 am & 8:00 am on Sunday, 26th of June 2022.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Scam Alert: New Zealanders are being targeted by phone scammers. Don’t let anyone who calls you unexpectedly encourage you to install software to provide access to your device. Click here to find out more.

We are experiencing some issues with the Rabobank Online Savings mobile app which means it is unavailable for some Apple users.
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What are the changes?

Recent Improvements


In response to your feedback, we have made some improvements to our new Agribusiness Internet Banking.

Payees as a list

Payees can also be shown as a list view. Simply select the list view option at the top right hand of the payees screen.

Payee as a list

(Website only - not available on mobile app)


Payees for a specific entity

 You can choose to view only the payees that belong to a specific entity.

Payees for a specific entity

(Website only - not available on mobile app)


Account balances on transaction confirmation screens

When printing transactions from the confirmation screen, account balances no longer show on the printed copy

(please note that the account balance still shows on the confirmation screen)


Formatting for transaction lists

We’ve improved the formatting and printing for transactions lists, which now take up less room on the screen and page


Security notifications

An SMS is sent to the account owner when a new payee is added.

New to Internet Banking (desktop)

Laptop Account Summary Mobile Account Summary


Now simple and easy and lays out your options in a more intuitive view.


No more separating payees and accounts when making payments (including batch payments). You can now access all payees and all accounts throughout the payment process.

When compiling a batch payment, you can select from all your payees, regardless of which entity/account/facility they are attached to, and select which entity/account/facility you want to pay them from, all in the one batch.

All batch payments will require authentication using your RSA token.

You can see your payments from the ‘check payment page’ or ‘send for approval page’ once you are done.


By default, you will receive emails and notifications for all messages.

You can make changes to your notification preferences by going into services and settings, and selecting notification preferences.


Where you enter information that is not valid in that field, you will immediately be prompted by a red alert notice that the data is invalid. An example of this is where you put a letter in a number only field.

Payee Authentication

The ability to authenticate up to 10 payees at once.

Managing Payees

There is no longer any need to copy payees between entities, since you can access them at all points, as per your account structure.

User Permissions

You can select the number of signatories, and specific delegates to authorise particular transactions, in line with your account requirements.


Daily Transaction Limits

Only external transfers count towards your daily transaction limits. No limits apply to transferring funds between your own accounts.

Different on Internet Banking (desktop)

Templates from accounting software

You can no longer edit a template that has been imported from accounting software. Changes must be made before importing.

Pay a Bill

Billers are payed separately from all other payees using the Pay a Bill option (previously referred to as  approved payees).

New to Mobile App (phone)

Fixed Rate Bookings

Now available on mobile as for desktop.

Mobile Navigation Tip: When setting up a fixed rate booking, once you have selected the rate you want, simply hit the ‘back’ (<) button at the top left-hand of the screen to return to the overview screen and complete your fixed rate booking.

One Off Payments

One off payments can be made to payees not on your list (RSA token needed).

* Most functionality from the website is now available on mobile, however some features are only available on the desktop, including batch payments.

* Mobile access is only available for account owners (not delegated users).

Temporary Loan Increases

Can now be viewed on mobile.

What will happen to my existing data?

When we upgrade to our new internet and mobile banking, your existing data will be migrated to the new platform.

Some data will not be available:

  1. Secure messages. This is the way you have previously communicated with our Customer Service Unit through the website. Previous messages from the last 13 months will be transferred to the new platform. Messages older than 13 months will be archived. If you need to access these historical messages you can do so by contacting Client Services on 0800 500 933.
  2. Unapproved pending payments.
  3. Unauthorised payees. Where you have put in the details of a new payee, but have not authorised them using your RSA token.
  4. Automatic batch templates. This includes templates imported from accounting software that you have not edited.
  5. Batch templates (including draft templates) that have not been used in the last 390 days will not be migrated.
  6. Session summaries (usually available for 30 days) will only be available on the website for actions from 27th July 2020. This information is still available by calling Client Services on 0800 500 933.

For Online Savings (RaboDirect) account holders

For Agribusiness clients who have an Online Savings (RaboDirect) account, there are no changes to your internet banking.

You will continue to use the Online Savings internet and mobile banking, the same way you use it today.

There will be a planned outage for the Online Savings (RaboDirect) internet and mobile banking during the weekend that the Agribusiness internet and mobile banking changes go live, from 10pm Friday 24th July to 7am Monday 27th July.

For further information and support:


What you need to do

Internet Banking (desktop)

You will need to access your desktop internet banking through the website. The former URL for the login page will no longer work.

Simply choose Internet Banking from the drop down Internet Banking link at the top right hand side of the screen.

Internet Banking ButtonInternet Banking

You will pass through the notices page, then into the login page.

Login as you always have to access the new internet banking site.

Mobile App (phone)

You will need to delete your current 'Rabobank New Zealand' app and search for the new 'Rabobank NZ' app in the App Store or Google Play, then click 'Install'. Instructions to delete an app for iOS can be found here, and for Android here.

The first time you use the app, you will need to authenticate using your RSA token and set up your pin number. After that you can use your mobile app as usual.

Follow three simple steps to start using the new app:

STEP 1: Uninstall

Mobile App Icon

Uninstall/delete your current 'Rabobank New Zealand' mobile banking app from your phone by pressing and holding the app until the icons begin shaking. Then tap the cross button on the top left of the app icon.
STEP 2: Download

Mobile App Icon

Search for the new 'Rabobank NZ' app in the App Store or Google Play and follow the prompts to install.
STEP 3: Start Using Open and start using the app. Have your RSA token ready to register the app for first time use.

For any questions: