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Primary Industry Summit
“With so much information flying around about climate change, we have tried to cut through the noise for concerned but conflicted New Zealand farmers and producers."

Todd Charteris, CEO, Rabobank New Zealand

History shows that New Zealand agriculture is innovative and adaptive when presented with a problem and given the time and resources to solve it. In the main, New Zealand farmers are keen to do the right thing and are getting strong signals from the consumer, Government and community to do this.

Rabobank seeks to contribute to understanding and dialogue on greenhouse gas emissions. We believe unity and collaboration is needed and we would love to hear from others who want to steer the transition for New Zealand to set the standard for the world.


Feeding more people

Feeding more people, cutting back on emissions

The world’s population is increasing and will reach over 10 billion people by 2050. Food producers are faced with the challenge to feed a larger population while reducing carbon emissions.

Setting the standard

Setting the standard for the rest of the world

New Zealand farmers are in a strong position to set the standard for the rest of the world. We already have relatively low emissions profiles per kg of production and are starting to make further inroads.

Reducing emissions is challenging

Reducing emissions is challenging, but can be done

With the right strategies, action and commitment we can succeed. By moving, towards a combination of high efficiency production, healthy and plant-richer diets and reduced waste, we can get across the line with room to spare.

Steering the transition

Steering the transition beats having it imposed

It’s up to the food and agriculture sector to help steer the transition. If we do nothing, our planet will reach 2 degrees warming thresholds from agriculture alone.