Rabobank Waikato Agri-Leadership Program
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Rabobank Waikato Agri-Leadership Program

Rabobank Waikato Agri-Leadership Program


The Rabobank Waikato Agri-Leadership Program is one of the initiatives from the Rabobank Client Councils to address the long-term industry capacity challenge. The objective of the program is to attract innovative and talented young adults to the agricultural and horticultural industries.

The second Rabobank Waikato Agri-Leadership Program was held from the 16 to 19 January 2017 and included 30 outstanding Year 11 and 12 students from around the Waikato region.

The selection criteria was based not only on the applicants’ academic merit and extra-curricular participation but also on their willingness to learn about and get involved in these sectors.

The students were hosted on campus at the Waikato University and had the opportunity to visit various agribusinesses from around the region including: Silver Fern Farms, AgResearch, DairyNZ, Yashili, LIC, Gallaghers, Plant and Food and also a range of farms (including dairy, deer and mushroom farms).

The students were amazed at seeing the supply chain from farm gate to processing and marketing, the science, business management and technology that supports each step of that supply chain. With the speed that the world and agribusiness are changing, having a skill set that is adaptable to changing career options is important. 

The students were exposed to the wide range of career options available in agriculture and horticulture. A number of recent university graduates also presented to the students, who noted how many more job roles were available to agriculture graduates than for non-agriculture graduates.

The group was challenged to spread the word to their classmates. We expect these 30 students will become great ambassadors for Ag careers within their schools, encouraging their friends and classmates to embark on agriculture related university studies.

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