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Articles relevant to you, your farm business and farming community

From the latest commodity market and sector outlooks, to practical case studies, industry success stories and rural grass-root initiatives.

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Congratulations to our Feel Good Feast winners!

Congratulations to our lucky Feel Good Feast winners! 

Each of them gets to take a group of friends to dinner with Al Brown in his test kitchen – and $8,000 to cover all expenses too.

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Feel Good AR app

The RaboDirect NZ Feel Good AR app brings New Zealand bank notes to life with an Augmented Reality story that plays out on the table right in front of you. Discover how things grow in this fun AR experience.

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Money and relationships

If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship, then it’s likely that at some point in that relationship you’ve disagreed about money.
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Clear soils, clear choices for Clearwaters

With demand for organic produce rising and restrictions on inputs becoming tighter, a recent field day on Non-Leaching Fertilisers drew an interested crowd to Peel View Farm in South Canterbury, New Zealand.
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Saving makes you smile

Our survey showed just how easily our financial situation can affect our emotions, our relationships, and even our sleep. 

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Help fight food waste

Kiwis’ eyes really are bigger than our stomachs, and the bulk of us – 94% – readily admit to wasting food.

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10 winning savings attitudes

Life is full of winners and losers. Background and financial wealth don't always indicate who will fall into which camp. We've all heard of the silver spoon child who fails in life and the wrong-side-of-the-tracks child who succeeds.
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The 10 Golden Rules of Saving

Saving is easy, right? It is if you set rules and stick to them. Too many Kiwis think it's impossible to save. Yet there are tried and tested golden rules that can be applied to anyone's circumstances.
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