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Scam Alert: During the holiday period New Zealanders are more susceptible to scammers. Be wary of any request for money via email/call/text/social media from people you don’t know. Speak to known persons / suppliers to check the request is legitimate before making payment. Think carefully before entering details online. Never disclose your banking login details, PINs, security codes or personal information. Click here to find out more.

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Blend leftovers into smoothies or soups.

Stems, peelings and other culinary off-cuts odds and ends offer plenty of opportunities for imaginative cooks to whisk up a winning smoothie or soup.

  • Take the stems from greens like kale and chard, they’re packed with fibre and nutrients, which makes them an excellent addition to your next smoothie. The tops of beets, strawberries and carrots make great add-ins.
  • Other items that would otherwise be discarded can also be thrown into a nutritious blend, including fruit and vegetable peels, wilted herbs, overripe bananas and chopped broccoli stalks. Go on, give it whirl.

(source: Also soaking wilted greens and fresh herbs in ice water for up to an hour will bring them back to life.


Rabobank New Zealand Tips and Tricks


Rabobank tips and tricks

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Rabobank Online Savings


Rabobank Online Savings

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Rabobank New Zealand Food Waste


Rabobank New Zealand Food Waste

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