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Food gets wasted when it gets forgotten

Chucked in the back of the fridge or pantry, lost and unloved before it ends up in the bin. Try this recipe for successfully saving good food:

  • Get your household in the habit of not using new food until older food has been used up.
  • Unpack your groceries strategically. Put the new ingredients in the back of the fridge or pantry and the older items in the front so they don’t get lost.
  • When unloading groceries, put new food towards the back and move older foods forward.
  • When meal planning, start with what you already have. Don’t add new items to your list until you’ve made plans for the food you already have.
  • Designate a section of your fridge the “use it NOW” section. Consider putting in a basket or box for items that need to be eaten ASAP.

Become an expert at FIFO - “First In, First Out”

FIFO is the art of taking “out” the first thing that went “in” to your fridge or pantry. The aim is that you don’t use (and ideally don’t buy) new foods until old foods have been used up. Have a weekly FIFO night and plan a meal around everything that needs to get used up.

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Rabobank New Zealand Tips and Tricks


Rabobank tips and tricks

Together we can waste less and save more.


Rabobank Online Savings


Rabobank Online Savings

100% of your deposits help fund Kiwi farmers and food producers.


Rabobank New Zealand Food Waste


Rabobank New Zealand Food Waste

Together we can reduce food waste and save more.