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Fresher than the average avocado

If you’re an avocado-lover you’ll know how, after patiently waiting for an avocado to achieve its perfect level of ripeness, there’s only a short time to enjoy it before it goes brown, slimy and more ‘yuk’ than ‘yum!’.

There are plenty of ideas, theories and myths about how to keep avocado fresh, including brushing the flesh with lemon juice or olive oil. But after testing 17 different storage methods, research by Otago University and Love Food Hate Waste reveals the very best storage method.

Avocado Storage Secrets

Research shows that the best way to store an avocado half is to wrap it in cling wrap, forming a tight seal on the cut surface, and put it in the fridge.

Avocado halves may last for up to four times longer than just leaving the avocado half uncovered in the fridge. Instead of cling wrap, you can store the avocado in an airtight container, although it may not last as long.

Written in stone

The golden rule is always leave the avocado stone in, because the flesh underneath the stone remains protected. By the way, research showed that brushing with lemon juice or olive oil is actually bad for your avocado.


Source: Love Food Hate Waste NZ (

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