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Eat Well For Less New Zealand
Each week, Eat Well for Less New Zealand will inspire us all to create wonderful, tasty, healthy meals while reducing food waste and saving money, by doing more with everything from leftovers to overlooked ingredients, from family favourites with a twist to imaginative new dishes that will inspire you with new ways to think about food. From easy-peasy to something a little more challenging.
The Eat Well for Less experts celebrity chef Michael van de Elzen and Auckland restauranteur Ganesh Raj with nutritionist Angela Berrill, will help eight Kiwi families eat well for less. The experts will be dishing up ideas and recipes that are not only delicious, but can have a positive effect on your family’s health and household spending.
Rabobank New Zealand Farmer

Together we can waste less and save more

New Zealand’s farmers work hard growing superb produce to put food on Kiwis’ plates, and Rabobank works with our farmers, producers and growers to help them do just that. Some of the best food in the world is grown right here, and the last thing any of us want to see is any of it being wasted. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say we could do more with it. That’s why we’re getting behind a brilliant new TV food show that’s serving up something deliciously different, full of fresh ideas, and it makes a fantastic change from the usual fare.

We’re really excited about being a sponsor of Eat Well for Less New Zealand, it has all the right ingredients to help you serve great-tasting nutritious food, that’s good for your family, your pocket and the planet and growing a better New Zealand together.

The Wackrow-Elliot Family

This week Mum (Ceri), Dad (Kerry) and their 5 Children are featured. Not surprisingly with a large family, time is often at a premium. This means they are regularly relying on lots of convenience food as they juggle the kids needs including often having to eat afternoon tea in the car on route to various sports practices.

By getting some help around providing healthy after school options and reducing their reliance on convenience foods and takeaways the family could save over $9,000 a year!


Eat Well For Less Episode 5 TVNZ Rabobank New Zealand

Together we can reduce food waste


Ganesh's Fish Tacos


Fish Tacos - Eat Well For Less Week 5 Recipe

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Saving food starts in
the store

You’re off your trolley if you’re buying more food than you need.


Rabobank Online Savings


Rabobank Online Savings

100% of your deposits help fund Kiwi farmers and food producers.


Rabobank Food Waste blog


The food waste issue in New Zealand

What is causing New Zealand’s food waste problem?