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Climate Action Centre makes first investment

Category future-farming sustainability

In December 2021, Rabobank NZ joined other primary sector partners in a new Climate Action Centre on Agricultural Emissions. The joint venture (JV) between the Government and agribusinesses focuses on reducing greenhouse emissions through investment in research and development. The role of the JV is to help take pressure off New Zealand farmers by making sure they have equitable access to affordable and effective tools and technology to cut their methane and nitrous oxide emissions, while they concentrate on their farm efficiencies, production and profitability.

On Wednesday 5 April, the JV made its first investment in Ruminant BioTech, a New Zealand-based start-up that’s developing a slow-release, biodegradable methane-inhibiting bolus. The bolus is easily swallowed by the cow, sits in the cow’s stomach for up to six months delivering high levels of methane knockdown, then biodegrades in the rumen.

Initial trials are promising, indicating the bolus could deliver significant reductions in methane emissions from pasture-based farming, with trials indicating potential for reducing methane emissions by up to 70% for up to six months. The JV has invested almost $1.8 million in the start-up.

Ruminant BioTech