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Succession Planning

Helping your farm stay strong for generations

Deciding what happens to the farm when you retire can be tough. We have a long history of working with rural families and our succession planning specialists can help guide your family through the complex issues so you can reach a shared vision for your farm, together.

It helps to start your planning early. Having honest conversations about goals and priorities helps to manage family expectations and keep everyone on the same page. We host regular succession workshops throughout New Zealand, as well as individual tailored family meetings to assist with decision making throughout all stages of the farm succession process. Just talk to your rural manager to get started.

Family Succession

Facilitated Succession planning Meetings

Our independent facilitators run family meetings where everyone can have a say about their needs and goals. It helps to keep discussions on track and makes it easier for people to ask the tough questions. Sometimes the first meeting is all that’s needed to agree on future plans, or your family may like to build on ideas with more meetings over time.

Succession workshops

Foundations of Farm Succession Workshops

These 2-day workshops help you build the foundations for how your family and business can work together towards a common goal. You’ll join up to 7 other families to work through ideas, so it’s a great social way to learn. Our independent facilitator runs the sessions, and you’ll also hear from legal and accounting advisors to help with your plans.

Our Specialists

Tony and Chris have extensive experience helping farming families plan their future.
They run succession meetings across New Zealand, with Tony helping in the South Island and Taranaki - Manawatu region, and Chris focused on the North Island.

Feel free to give them a call or send an email if you’d like a complimentary succession planning consultation.


Tony Hammington

South Island and Taranaki Manawatu Region

Tony has enjoyed a 10 year career with us, having previously held the position of Regional Manager, Southern South Island. He also has extensive prior experience in Rural Lending, Financial Risk and Superannuation and Senior Management roles in rural banking and finance.

Tony Hammington


Chris Haworth

North Island

Chris has his own farming business as well as a successful career in the rural banking sector. Chris' strong interest and background in agri-lending, succession and governance, plus a lengthy career in farming, helps him help farmers and their families through their succession journey.

Chris Haworth