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Rabobank Succession planning facilitation services 

Farm succession is a challenging and rewarding journey. It is about more than just 'handing over' the farm. It is about your family:


  • Aligning goals and expectations;
  • Working together well;
  • Balancing different needs;
  • Making decisions for the future of the business;
  • Planning career and work opportunities in the business;
  • Agreeing on how the farm asset will be used and transferred over time.


Families that keep these issues in focus can create a collective vision. Every family farm is different so one solution does not fit all. The key is to start early. Families which start their succession planning early, benefit from increased financial security for each generation, increased personal motivation and family cooperation.



Having worked with family businesses for many years, Rabobank has developed a process to assist rural families in negotiating complex issues associated with business succession. Rabobank facilitates two business succession services:



Foundations of Farm Succession Workshops


Small group educational workshops dedicated to on farm family members where families work proactively to explore business agreements with regard to working together.




Succession Facilitation Meetings


Individual tailored family meetings for the purpose of family business communication and decision making around succession at all stages of the farm succession process.


The Douglas family from Northland discuss how Rabobank's Succession Planning Manager, Tony Hammington helped them to develop a succession plan for their farming business.



For more information you can speak to a Succession Planning Facilitator or your Rabobank Account Manager.


Phone     0800 722 622





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