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Equipment finance is becoming an increasingly essential tool for rural businesses looking to make the best of their available resources. Rabo Equipment Finance* offers competitive and potentially tax effective ways of financing essential farm plant, business vehicles and equipment.


These finance products allow you to take advantage of rapid advances in machinery and efficiencies offered by the latest technology, whilst minimising the impact on your farm’s cash flow. Available across a broad range of plant and equipment used in agricultural related enterprises, including:


  • Tractors, harvesters, on-farm storage/silos, haymaking/silage, swathing, spraying, irrigation, seeding and tillage equipment 
  • Compaction units, boll buggies and haul-out equipment
  • Business vehicles, ATV's, 4WDs, trucks, earthmoving and material handling equipment
  • Milk vats, dairy equipment, automatic feed units and grain storage bins
  • Fruit picking and grading equipment, spraying units and spreaders
  • Grape harvesters, spraying equipment and processing equipment associated with viticulture

Finance is also available for quality used plant and equipment, subject to age limitations.


For equipment purchases of $100,000 or more, the ability to lock in your interest rate for up to 12 months in advance of equipment delivery is available for approved applicants. 


Equipment Finance is provided by Rabo Equipment Finance, a division of Rabobank New Zealand Limited.

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