Security Tips 
Simple tips to help you protect your finances and confidential information

Rabobank is committed to actively protecting your finances and confidential information by providing you with innovative banking solutions while maintaining world class security standards. By following a few simple measures, you can help us to protect your identity and accounts. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and is for general information only.


General banking safety tips
  • Never disclose your name, account details or any other personal information by telephone, email or post to anybody you do not know or trust.
  • Ensure your home mailbox is locked and secure to prevent identity thieves from stealing your mail before you collect it.
  • Keep secure your receipts, letters and other confidential papers including bank statements. Before disposing of these documents, make sure you tear or shred them.
Online security tips

Your computer

  • Regularly install the latest security software and operating system updates on your computer to ensure protection of your online identity.
  • Computer security tools such as firewall programs, email filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software will help to ensure you have the maximum protection when banking online.

Logging on and off

  • When accessing Rabobank Internet Banking Service, use your computer keyboard to enter into your web browser. Never click on a Rabobank Internet Banking link from an email or a third-party website.
  • When you have finished banking, always log out using the ‘logoff’ icon located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • You should close your browser window once you have logged out. Open a new browser window to continue using the internet.
  • When using social networking sites such as Facebook, never publish personal or sensitive information such as your address, phone number, date of birth, driver’s licence number, tax file number or bank account details.


Your login details

  • It is recommended that you do not write down your username, passcode or PIN numbers. However, if you do keep a record of these details, ensure they are in a secure place, separate from each other and in an unrecognisable format.
  • Rabobank will never call or send you an email requesting your personal internet banking login information, or request that you click a link to internet banking from an email.


If you believe that your security has been compromised or you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please contact Rabobank Client Services on 0800 500 933.

Security Alert


Recent Phishing Alert

Rabobank has been alerted to a phishing email that is currently being circulated. This email is a fraud and should be immediately deleted from your system.


Please ensure that:


  • You do not click the link, and
  • You do not reply to the email

Rabobank will never send you an email asking for your login details, personal details or account details.


If you are ever in doubt about the validity of an email from Rabobank, please call our Customer Services team on 0800 500 933.


The following is a sample of the phishing email: