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Rabobank Risk management services 

Manage the financial markets

In line with the increasing significance of risk management for New Zealand food and agribusiness, Rabobank offers a range of products and services to help its clients manage the risks associated with making and receiving payments in foreign currency, loan interest rate fluctuations and commodity trading:


  • Interest rate hedging available at any time, using both vanilla and more sophisticated tailored swap and option strategies in a multitude of currencies including NZD, Euro, Sterling, Yen, USD and AUD
  • Foreign exchange facilities in a range of currencies incorporating strategies using spot, forwards, swaps and options to suit specific customer hedging profiles
  • 'Over the counter' commodity risk management

Rabobank's specialist Global Financial Markets Sales team focuses on developing risk management solutions that keep pace with the continually changing world of food and agribusiness.  


These products are issued by Rabobank New Zealand Limited. Consider the relevant Disclosure Documents along with your personal objectives, financial situation and needs before making any financial decisions. Fees and charges may apply.

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