Money markets 
Rabobank Money markets   

Move on the money markets

Rabobank Global Financial Markets division offers a number of investment products tailored to suit the wholesale investment market. As a rural bank we invest funds in the New Zealand food and agribusiness sector, so investing with Rabobank means you are contributing to the further growth of the New Zealand rural economy. 



11am call deposits

Wholesale call accounts accessible same day provided request is made by 11am. Interest is calculated daily, paid monthly and can be compounded if required. 


Negotiable certificates of deposit (NCDs)

NCDs are NZD discounted securities which are negotiable in the secondary market. They are issued for terms between seven and 365 days. Wholesale money market rates apply and the term to maturity and amount are tailored to suit the investors' requirements.


Fixed-term deposits

Fixed term deposits are available for terms of one day or more and deposits earn a fixed interest rate for that term. Interest payment frequency is tailored to suit the depositor, either periodically or on maturity of the deposit. Rabobank accepts deposits in NZD and most major currencies. Prevailing wholesale money market rates apply. 


Commercial paper (CP)

Rabobank New Zealand branch raises funds through Euro and US programmes for international investors. 



Rabobank New Zealand Limited, as part of the Rabobank Group globally, raises funds through a number of centrally coordinated funded programs.

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