Rabobank History 

Our history

Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank BA (commonly known as Rabobank) began as a rural credit cooperative in the Netherlands in 1898, when farmers united to overcome rural poverty by providing finance to help build and support each other's businesses.  


Our past has made us who we are today

While much has changed in the last 110 years, the principles upon which Rabobank was founded have remained intact. We remain true to our core mission: to create value for our customers, employees and the communities where we do business.


We take pride in our tremendous financial strength and stability because of the benefits that our clients derive from these assets. Rabobank's strength is built upon the commitment and knowledge of our employees, whose passion for customer service and deep industry expertise provide significant competitive advantages for our clients. We are committed to the long-term viability and sustainability of agriculture and position ourselves as the premier financier of the global food and agriculture industry.


Rabobank strives to remain a leader in the area of corporate social responsibility, and to excel in sustainable entrepreneurship and banking throughout the world. Through the Rabobank Development Program and the Rabobank Foundation, we encourage sustainable development in the world's developing markets and help improve access to financial services for people in under-served regions.


Our aim, in short, is to achieve an enduring balance between our social, ecological and economic objectives, and to improve the social prosperity of people everywhere.



Key milestones in New Zealand & Australia


Rabobank expands its international activities to serve customers overseas and fulfil mission of financing global agriculture


1994 - October

Purchase of Primary Industry Bank of Australia (PIBA) operating in New Zealand and Australia by Rabobank



Rabobank adopts new visual brand identity and logo


1997 - December

Rabobank purchases Wrightson Farmers Finance Limited and establishes Rabo Wrightson Finance Limited in New Zealand



Rabo Wrightson Finance Limited renamed to Rabobank New Zealand Limited



Rabobank establishes specialist rural financial advisory service, Rabo Financial Advisors (RFA), in joint venture with Boyce Chartered Accountants


2003 - March

PIBA rebrands to Rabobank Australia Limited


2005 - May

Global Financial Markets operation established in Rabobank's Australasian head office in Sydney



A new online banking service, RaboPlus*, established in New Zealand



RaboPlus* launched in Australia


RaboPlus renamed RaboDirect


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*RaboPlus New Zealand changed its name to RaboDirect on 15 August 2010.